Choose An Assisted Living Center For Your Mother And Help Her Transition Into Her New Residence

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If your mother recently had a stroke which has left her partially paralyzed, resulting in her not being able to care for herself in the manner she previously did, deciding to move your mother into an assisted living center will provide your mother with the care that she deserves and needs. The following suggestions will help you choose a suitable living environment for your mom and assist with transitioning her into her new residence.

Contact A Senior Living Placement Service

Contact a senior living placement service to acquire information about senior housing that provides care 24 hours per day. Many housing facilities provide personal living quarters that resemble a studio apartment. If nursing care is needed, a licensed aide is assigned to check on residents and administer medications or help with personal grooming needs.

Inquire about the number of residents at each facility and the amount of staff who is responsible for caring for residents. Find out how much it will cost for your mother to move into each residence and if her insurance will help cover costs associated with living expenses. 

Visit Facilities

Visiting facilities in person will help you and your mother see what daily life is like at each residence. Because your mother is unable to walk on her own due to her paralysis, bring a wheelchair with you so that your mother can remain comfortable while viewing the inside and outside of each facility.

During each visit, introduce yourself and your mother to staff members and ask questions about activities that are offered, food that is served, and personal items that can be brought to the facility to help your mother feel at home. if you and your mom are unsure of which residence to select, take your time to think things over and discuss the pros and cons of each place until you have both agreed upon a facility.

Maintain A Bond 

On the day that your mother will be moving into one of the centers, help your mother pack her belongings and transport her and her possessions to her new home. Upon your arrival, unpack possessions and ask your mother where she would like you to put her things. After arranging your mother's living space in a satisfactory manner, spend time with your mother as she grows accustomed to her new surroundings.

During your stay, make plans to visit your mom in the near future and to spend time talking to her or introducing her to some of the other residents. Maintaining a bond is important and will help your mother feel appreciated and loved. For more information, contact companies like Alaska Senior Living Options.

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