A Few Tips For Choosing The Right Type Of Home Care For Your Parent

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As your parents age, you may find it necessary to have someone help them at home when you are not able to be there. Luckily, there are many different options for home care. The important thing is for you to make sure that you find the type that will best benefit your parent. Before sitting down with a company to discuss them sending someone to help out, talk with your parent (if possible), his or her doctor, and the rest of your family to determine what is needed. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right help:

Home Companion

Sometimes, all that is needed is for someone to visit your parent and spend some time with them. This person may also provide transportation when your mother or father needs to go to an appointment, shopping, or just have a day out. This type of help is a good idea when your schedule does not allow time for you to visit during the week, or for several days. Ideally, a companion will be someone closer in age to your parent so they can talk about things they have done and experienced and understand things a bit better.

Home Aid

A home aid is someone who will go to your parent's house to help with cooking, cleaning, and other chores that the client needs help with. The aid may also make sure that your parent takes any necessary medication. An aid may or may not have any first aid training, so if you feel there may be a need for this, it is a good idea to specify this when talking with the company. In many ways, a home aid is a housekeeper. This is the professional you should hire if your parent does not have medical issues but needs help around the house.

Nurse's Aid

This professional has been trained in basic first aid, how to take vital signs and other medical procedures. They can perform simple range of motion exercises for your parent, help with mobility issues (getting the patient in and out of bed), and help with bathing and hygiene. Hire this type of help when your parent needs more personal care than house care. You may need a nurse's aid if your parent has been in the hospital and is just getting home.

Home care is a way to allow your parent to stay in his or her own home, where they are most comfortable. It also provides your family with peace of mind knowing that he or she is not there all alone all the time. If things take a bad turn, and your parent needs more extreme care, you can talk with the care company about having it. There is an option for almost everything.

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