Non-Medical Needs And In Home Healthcare Services

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There is a misconception that in-home healthcare services deal only with medical needs. The truth is, many home health agencies offer services that deal with daily living. Some of these services fall under the category of non-medical needs or services. These services help with daily living for your loved one as well. Here are some of those services and what to know about how they work with current healthcare services you or your loved one may need.

Meal Preparation

Meal preparation is one of the most sought-after non-medical services with home health requests. Having a home health caregiver available to help with medications, bathing, and other daily needs is vital. However, having a caregiver that can prepare meals and ensure your loved one is ingesting those meals may be equally important. This type of service also means keeping track of what food is ingested and if there are any issues from being sick from the food or unable to process the food. Making sure certain nutritional needs and special dietary needs, such as vegetarian meals or diabetic meals are prepared is also a service available from many agencies. 

General Housekeeping

You may not think of general housekeeping as an in-home healthcare service. The truth is general housekeeping is an expectation of not only many families but also the home health care agencies that offer daytime services. This non-medical service can include helping with laundry, making the bed, vacuuming, dusting, and other light housekeeping duties. These services help maintain a clean environment for the in-home health care patient. They also provide a better emotional environment for the patient as well. 

Transportation and Shopping

You may see many in-home agencies offer transportation and shopping services. These services allow your family members to attend appointments, religious appointments or meetings, and to do basic shopping for groceries and other items. You may also find the services allow for your loved one to attend senior center activities while the caregiver performs the shopping and other services. This type of non-medical in-home care service is vital to the independence of many home health patients. 

Each home healthcare agency differs regarding the types of services they offer. If you need specific services, you can discuss the range of options the home health agency offers. Many of the services you need may be covered under your loved one's insurance plans. The home health agency can also offer an in-home consultation to determine what may be an ideal service plan for you and your loved one's lifestyle.

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