3 Important Benefits Your Aging Parent Can Find In An Assisted Living Facility

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Helping an aging parent understand that they can no longer live safely on their own is a heart-breaking time, especially when it isn't possible for them to move into your own home. Assisted living facilities are often the best choice for an elderly parent in this situation who does not yet need full-time skilled nursing care. If you are struggling to help your aging parent understand the potential benefits of moving into an assisted living facility, the following information may be helpful. 

The ability to develop lasting friendships

One of the most common problems of aging is the isolation that often comes after losing a spouse or becoming less able to drive or travel. This type of isolation problem is even more pronounced when the older person lives in a different location than their children, siblings, or other close relatives. By opting to move into an assisted living facility, older loved ones are able to enjoy a living situation where they can easily meet and become close to many others of similar age and circumstances. 

Most assisted living facilities offer their residents opportunities to dine together in a homelike setting, as well as enjoy a variety of gatherings, entertainment, and activities, both indoors and out.  

A feeling of welcome security

Another important benefit of choosing to move into an assisted living facility is the feeling of security it can provide. Along with the feelings of isolation, many older people often experience feelings of insecurity when living alone. Many may even express concerns about falling without being able to call for help or experiencing fear their home will be robbed while they are alone inside. 

Moving into an assisted living facility can instantly wipe away feelings of fear or insecurity that an elderly person may feel when living alone. In addition to a multi-layered security protocol to keep the building and grounds safe, assisted living facilities utilize technology along with human staffing to ensure that every resident is able to feel safe and secure. 

Access to proper nutrition and health oversight

When an older person lives alone, cooking for one person can seem unappealing. Because of this, many begin to skip meals or attempt to subsist on unhealthy snack foods, both of which are detrimental to their overall health. When moving into an assisted living facility, each resident is able to enjoy access to well-balanced meals each day. If a resident's health needs dictate a special diet, the dietary staff will prepare meals that fit those needs. 

Living in an assisted living facility can be a wonderful option for an elderly parent who can no longer manage living on their own. To learn more, consider taking your parent to tour an assisted living facility, like Lotus Park Assisted Living.

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